PANW Providers Get Their COVID-19 Vaccines!


Last week, our providers and staff were approved to start getting their COVID-19 vaccine. Like many, we have been hoping and waiting for a vaccine. We feel grateful that we have this opportunity now to help protect our patients, community, and loved ones even more. Our providers share thoughts on their experience getting the first dose of the vaccine. One dose down, one more to go! 

Dr. Bruce Birk “I feel amazed and grateful for the science that has produced this wonder.”


Dr. James Bluhm– “Thank you to all the dedicated nurses and other staff who have been working hard to vaccinate our community as quickly as they can.” 


Dr. Pilar Buerk– “I am so grateful for this vaccine and the people who created it!”


Dr. Whitney Casares– “The very first step toward a return to ‘normal’ life. I will still be wearing my mask and physical distancing though to protect others who haven’t been vaccinated yet.”


Dr. Albert Chaffin– “It didn’t even hurt!”


Dr. Mari Kay Evans-Smith– “My only side effects were a sore arm for 2 days and a permanent grin on my face! So relieved, grateful, and hopeful all at once!”


Lactation Consultant, Winn Holly-“Today I had my first dose of the COVID vaccine. It is hard to put into words how much this means. The pandemic is far from over but with the vaccine, hope is given and a light at the end of a long tunnel is finally within reach. I can’t wait for everyone to receive theirs.”


Lactation Consultant, Katie Kennedy – “You can’t see my BIG smile under my mask, but I am beyond grateful to be able to receive this vaccine. One step closer to a safer future.”


Dr. Heather Larson– “My arm is a bit sore but it’s better than Covid-19!”


Dr. Richelle Neal– “Just like some of our patients, I too can get nervous for shots, but it was worth it for this vaccine to keep our community and patients safe!”


Dr. Peter Reed– “I did not realize until I got the invitation to schedule my visit what it would mean to me – it brought tears to my eyes. This year has been marked by loss – loss of lives, loss of connections, loss of time – and I have mourned that loss. This vaccine feels like the beginning of the end of this painful period, mild arm pain notwithstanding.”


Dr. Jay Rosenbloom– “I looked at the research data from independent health experts and felt confident that the vaccine I was getting is safe and effective.” 


Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Siebold–  “After months of hearing about the vaccine and patiently waiting for it, it was hard to believe that I was sitting down to get my shot. I felt grateful and was happy to do my small part in keeping my community healthy.”


Dr. Scott Spencer– “It was a new day, I feel so hopeful.”

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