Caring and thoughtful, I maintain a playful and interactive relationship with my patients and families. I enjoy spending time with my patients and listening to them. My goal is to thoroughly understand their needs, and I will go the extra mile for any of them. I have a particular interest in LGBTQ health and have trained PANW providers and staff to create a welcoming environment for patients and families in the LGBTQ community. 

About me

Dr. Chaffin grew up in a small town in Southeast Ohio. He knew from a young age that he liked science and his parents­­—both high school graduates but never college students— encouraged him to pursue higher education. By seventh grade, he had his heart set on becoming a doctor. He never changed his mind and, from that point on, pursued his ultimate dream. After graduating from medical school, he wanted to explore the world beyond Ohio. So, he traveled to Portland, Oregon where he trained at OHSU in pediatrics. He joined PANW in 2009 shortly after finishing his residency training. Dr. Chaffin practices in our Tigard office.


As a home chef, Dr. Chaffin enjoys learning about new cooking techniques, the most recent being sous vide. One of his favorite pastimes is hosting friends for dinner parties that are usually themed around good wine, good cheese and good appetizers. Oh, and don’t forget the dessert!


At a young age, Dr. Chaffin learned to play the piano. His mother and sister taught him how to read basic music but his grandmother taught him how to play by ear. In college he often de-stressed by playing on-stage at the Conservatory of Music auditorium at his undergraduate institution.

Home Chef

Dr. Chaffin enjoys cooking and inviting friends over for dinner parties.


He is an advocate and ally of the LGTBQ community.


Dr. Chaffin learned how to play the piano at an early age and can play by ear.


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