Lactation and Feeding Support

Nurturing You As You Nourish Your Child


We Meet Parents Where They Are on their Feeding Journey

Congratulations on the arrival of your newest family member! Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, deciding how to feed your baby is one of the first steps on your parenting journey. And we’re here for you.


We honor what’s possible and what’s preferable. We provide evidence-based information, and we are a source of acceptance and understanding. We believe in collaborating with each family to map out an individualized path to feeding success—and yes, that can look different for everyone. Whether you plan to breast/chest-feed or use formula, need a back-to-work plan or a weaning tutorial, you’re in the right place.


Every Parent Needs a Village. We’re Yours.

Each of our lactation consultants brings a unique approach to one goal: to provide informed and compassionate patient-centered care. In addition to being International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) with credentials as either registered nurses or nurse practitioners, our team brings years of in-the-field experience to every office visit. That means we know how to apply the gold standard of medical advice in real-life situations.


Working Together For Your Feeding Success

We understand that healthy, happy babies need healthy, happy families. That’s why our first step is always to listen. Once we understand your feeding goals, our lactation specialists work with you and your other medical providers to create a clear path to success that everyone can support. We offer practical, real-life advice to partners and support persons on how they can be involved and bond with the baby. We work with each family and their pediatrician to educate and empower parents to confidently care for their family. This one-stop-shop approach means you don’t have to compare separate notes from your lactation consultant and pediatrician. We work together so you don’t have to.


We are proud to offer lactation support to our wider community. Katie Kennedy, our lactation consultant at the Tigard office, provides care for all families, even those with pediatricians outside of Pediatric Associates of the Northwest.

Finally, we also recognize that feeding issues can’t always wait two weeks for an appointment. That’s why we offer services Monday through Friday. And for non-emergent appointments, we strive to coordinate our availability around your pediatrician’s appointment so you can see everyone during one visit.


How We Can Help

Whether you are ready to schedule a prenatal meet-and-greet with us and your pediatrician, or you need some advice about painful nipples, expressing milk, or weaning, we are ready to help. Here are some more situations when it might be time to give us a call:


  • Prenatal preparation for infant feeding
  • Difficulty with latch and positioning
  • Painful feeding or pumping
  • Concerns about your baby’s weight
  • Worries about your milk supply
  • Past challenges with breast/chest-feeding
  • Feeding twins or triplets
  • Questions regarding bottle feeding, supplementation, or pumping
  • Transitioning back to school or work
  • Weaning

Ready To Learn More?

Supporting families in our community means thinking outside normal office hours. Our complimentary classes and groups are offered to everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re a patient at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest.


Baby Hour

This weekly drop-in group offers a safe, supportive environment for parents to connect with other parents. We celebrate the joys and challenges of new parenthood, regardless of feeding choices, with group conversations and occasional presentations. No registration is required. Available every Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m. online.


Back to Work After Baby

Going back to work while breast/chest-feeding presents its own set of challenges and logistics. Learn how to navigate around them with this class, which includes information on how to maintain your milk supply, how to balance work and home life, how to talk to your employer about your legal rights, and more. Partners are welcome at this evening class held once a month. Call the office to sign up! 

Need more guidance and resources? No problem. Check out additional lactation resources. 


Come Meet Us!

No matter what goals you have or challenges you face, we will be with you every step of the way. We will cheer you on when you master a pain-free latch or express that extra ounce of milk. We will offer more than a sympathetic ear when you’ve been up all night and need reassurance about your feeding plan. We will give you direction when you ask for it and support when you need it. We are here for you and your family at every stage, from feeding to weaning and everything in between. 


Ready to see for yourself?