Illness & Injury care

When the Unexpected Happens, We’re Ready

Our philosophy

Care You Can Count On

Illnesses and injuries are rarely convenient and are tough on the whole family. But at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest, we help make everything a little easier. In addition to offering urgent-care appointments every day (yes, weekends and holidays, too!) and a 24/7 nurse advice line, we bring big-picture thinking to every situation. We know your family and your child’s history, which means we offer care tailored to your unique needs.

Medical Advice

Need Answers? We’ve Got Them.

Many times, illnesses and emergencies aren’t clear-cut. Whether you’re trying to decide if you should come into the clinic or take care of something at home, or you simply have a medical question, our team of compassionate triage nurses is here to guide you.

Our Community

Expert Advice, On Demand

If a trip to the hospital or emergency room is necessary, we are here to point you in the right direction and help coordinate your care. Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at OHSU both offer full pediatric hospital services and pediatric emergency departments.


For life-threatening emergencies, always call 911.