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Being a pediatrician to me is all about teaching. I help patients understand why we ask the questions we do, or what we are looking for when we check a body part. This empowers them and helps them to understand the recommendation we make for treatment. In this way, parents and children grow their confidence in making informed medical decisions that are right for them.

About me

Dr. Rosenbloom was a science nerd from the beginning. He wanted to be an entomologist (someone who studies bugs) when he was little. He would take apart all of his family’s appliances to learn how they worked, though he had no interest in learning how to put them back together! Dr. Rosenbloom attended Lewis and Clark College where he earned his B.S. degree. For two years, he worked in a cancer research lab while deciding whether he wanted to pursue medicine or scientific research. Still indecisive, Dr. Rosenbloom went into medical and graduate school at the same time. He earned his medical degree and a PhD in molecular biology from OHSU. In the clinical years of medical school, he realized that working with kids was the best job ever. He spent 3 years at the University of Arizona for his pediatric residency and then joined Pediatric Associates of the Northwest. Dr. Rosenbloom is board-certified and practices in our Tigard office. At this time, he is only accepting newborn patients. 


For many years, Dr. Rosenbloom has advocated for children’s health concerns. He worked with the state on their childhood immunization collaborative and helped pass legislation. He is currently the medical director for the Children’s Health Foundation (and Alliance), where he works with pediatricians in the community to help improve pediatric care across the region. Dr. Rosenbloom is also one of the contributors for Boost Oregon, a group that is dedicated to vaccine education.


Dr. Rosenbloom loves to learn from his patients and families. He believes every child has their own passions and has something they can teach; we just have to make time to listen. Some of his most meaningful learning experiences have come from his medical trips to Haiti, Bolivia, and Kenya


Those close to him know he loves spicy food and eats all left-overs cold. He will often eat combinations that normal people think are strange. Another little-known fact is that in medical school, Dr. Rosenbloom learned to knit. His first project was a sweater for himself. It wasn’t bad, but don’t expect to see him in public wearing it.


Dr. Rosenbloom is a third generation Portlander. No matter where he has traveled, he has always wanted to make Portland his home. He grew up with two sisters and now has three daughters (girls?!) who are each so different. It is with his children that he has been humbled many times, learning that the advice he gives as a doctor isn’t always as easy to implement as it might seem. He enjoys hiking with his fiancé, Susan, especially along streams, rivers, oceans and waterfalls.


Dr. Rosenbloom works with pediatricians in the community to help improve pediatric care across the region.

Avid Learner

He enjoys learning from his patients and families.


He has served as a medical volunteer in Haiti, Bolivia, and Kenya.

Fun Facts

Volunteer medical trips.
Number of times he has donated blood (and counting).
Marathons completed.

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