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Mari Kay Evans-Smith MD, FAAP

I enjoy getting to know my patients as unique people, partnering with parents, and working together for the good of my patients. By actively listening to both patient and parent, I use a holistic approach. I seek to understand the emotional and psychological health of my patients, as well as the physical concerns.

About me

Dr. Evans-Smith decided she wanted to become a physician in the 3rd grade. Her decision was solidified after a trip to a Haitian children’s hospital as a college student. She was encouraged and affirmed while working with a professor who became a mentor during a research experience at Oregon Health and Science University. She completed her medical degree at Loma Linda University, and her residency at University of California, Irvine. Dr. Evans-Smith is board-certified and practices in our Portland office.


Dr. Evans-Smith has paired her love of travel with her commitment to helping those in developing nations receive quality medical care by leading medical teams all over the world.  She has treated patients in Peru, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Malawi, Bolivia, Mexico, Turkey, and Kenya


Dr. Evans-Smith is also passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle. She understands the challenges families face when trying to create a healthy lifestyle and believes she can’t expect her patients to do what she can’t do herself. Cooking plant-based meals, spending time outdoors hiking, meditating and practicing yoga are all important to her. She enjoys regularly meeting a friend for coffee and hosting family gatherings. When she needs to relax, her favorite vacation spot is the house her grandpa built in Pacific City, Oregon.


Married with two children of her own, Dr. Evans-Smith has experienced many challenging aspects of parenting firsthand, including parenting a strong-willed child, managing the sports injuries of an NCAA college athlete, navigating through grief, and finding balance as a working parent. 


Dr. Evans-Smith has cared for underserved patients all over the world.

Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast

She enjoys cooking plant-based meals and staying active.


She loves seeing new places and experiencing different cultures.

Fun Facts

International service trips she has volunteered for.
Favorite resources for plant-based eating are The Blue Zone and Forks Over Knives.
Grown children and two cats who keep her busy.

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