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Woman stepping on scale

Feeling Great in the Body You Have

Our job as healthcare providers is to inform, educate, empower, and inspire patients (and their families) to be proactive about overall health and well-being. We also want to provide patient families with everything they need to make confident choices about healthcare and treatment options.

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PANW Covid Vaccine Scheduling

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest provides patients with COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses for approved age groups.

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Two young mothers with babies

5 New Mom Groups in Portland

In addition to having a great excuse to get out of the house with your little one, new mom’s groups are often the place where lifetime friendships are formed. Babies and toddlers are welcome, and while you’re there, you’ll have access to compassionate advice from experienced moms to help you with breastfeeding issues, forming good sleep habits, and a wealth of other knowledgeable mom hacks.

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child volunteering at park

Teaching Our Kids About Gratitude

As we head into a season focusing on gratitude, it’s worth paying attention to the lessons we teach our children about thankfulness. What does it mean to be thankful in a genuine way?

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