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When I see patients, my goal is to meet them right where they are—providing real, practical information they can apply with confidence, no matter what their backgrounds. As a mom myself, I know that it’s tough to navigate all the pressures and messaging out there. Empowering new parents to care for their babies and toddlers, watching them get comfy in their own parenting skin—that’s the best! I partner with parents as they watch their kids develop into young adults. As a guide for families, I teach them not only how to promote basic wellness for their kids, but also how to approach whole-person factors like resilience and mental health.

About me

Dr. Casares is a storyteller at heart. As a journalism major and aspiring doctor at California State University, San Luis Obispo, her goal was to eventually use her communication skills and medical expertise to give parents the information they needed in a way that resonated and inspired. After completing her Masters of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, her medical degree at the University of Vermont, and her pediatrics training at Stanford University, she started in clinical practice, applying her goal of translating medical jargon into relatable guidance as she cared for patients. When not in the office, she is blogging at modernmommydoc and speaking about her books published with the American Academy of Pediatrics: The New Baby Blueprint: Caring for You and Your Little One and The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself. She use her dual passions to educate, inspire, and support families. She is board-certified and practices in our Portland office.


At Dr. Casares’ house, there is always music. Most days, you’ll often find her holding impromptu dance parties with her kids. She always encourages patients to find ways to incorporate music — it’s good for our brains, bodies, and family bonding!


Dr. Casares is passionate about advocating for what’s right, whether in the community (she continues to partner with anti-human trafficking and postpartum depression prevention groups) or in the clinic. At PANW, that sense of investment translates to problem-solving for health issues and advocacy for school and public health concerns. 


When she’s not in the office, Dr. Casares loves to travel and explore anywhere that has a beautiful view and amazing food. She studied abroad in Paris where she developed a deep appreciation for stinky cheese and baguettes. Although Dr. Casares once ran three half-marathons in the span of five weeks, she usually sticks to barre class and yoga now.


Dr. Casares is a mom to two girls. They keep her on her toes and help her closely relate to the struggles other parents are facing. They keep her honest and relevant. She knows that sometimes, the advice doctors give can be hard to put into practice, so she is always looking for ways to help parents work around the realities of following healthcare recommendations in their own home environments. 


Music Enthusiast

Most days, you’ll often find Dr. Casares holding impromptu dance parties with her kids.

Justice Warrior

She is passionate about advocating for what’s right.


Dr. Casares has authored two parenting books.

Fun Facts

Croissants- the most she has eaten in one week.
Books published with the American Academy of Pediatrics
Half marathons run since college.

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