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Bruce J. Birk MD, FAAP

Being a Pediatrician is the greatest job on the planet. Not only do I get the pleasure of watching children grow from baby to adult, but I also get to experience the endless variety of ways that parents seek to raise them. In that way, I am like a consultant who helps guide you to raise the child the way you want. I embrace the fun of youth, and love getting to know families over the long haul of childhood into adulthood. Originally from Texas, my lively and light-hearted personality put children and parents at ease.  


Although Dr. Birk started his education as a scientist, he changed course to clinician in medical school and has stayed the path. He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He then went east to Rhode Island Hospital and the Hasbro Children’s Hospital for internship and residency. Although the east is nice, nothing beats Oregon so he moved west in 1999. After meeting with all the Pediatric groups in town, Dr. Birk quickly realized that Pediatric Associates of the Northwest was the best group of providers around. He is board-certified and practices in our Portland office.



Community Activist

For his kids and himself, Dr. Birk finds it essential to be involved in the world around him. Although his family comes first, he proudly remains active in helping his neighbors, his spiritual community, his martial arts community, and his pediatric practice community.


Dr. Birk can fix anything. Plumbing, carpentry, electrical, medical, social, etc. He has not found a problem yet that he can’t find a way to fix. As a Pediatrician, he is always on the lookout for novel ways to help parents fix the problems that arise in raising a child.


Dr. Birk is married and the proud father of 2 awesome boys. Having children has changed his perspective on all the ups and downs of parenting. He moved here in 1999 following his sister, Mia Birk (Portland’s original bicycle master plan designer!!). The rest of his family is scattered over Texas, Nevada, and Canada, but his extended family includes workmates at Pediatric Associates, his family at Synagogue (Congregation Shir Tikvah) and his tae kwon do family at Traditional Tae Kwon Do.

Fun Facts

Dr. Birk loves to read science fiction and historical fiction. He has a wood fired hot tub that takes around 6 hours to heat up. He plays guitar (classical and acoustic). His favorite quote is “No matter how thin you slice it, it is still bologna.” He collects hats. He loves golf but is poor at it. His favorite Portland activity is people-watching at any of Portland’s endless variety of street festivals.



Nothing Brings Us Greater Joy Than Caring For Our Patients- See What Dr. Birk's patients have to say about him!

"Dr. Birk is hands down the best pediatrician you will ever find! My kids are now 17 and 22 years old and Dr. Birk has been with us since the beginning. He is kind, he's caring, he's funny, and he honestly feels like family. We're almost to the end of our pediatrician years and we will miss him greatly!"


"Love Dr. Birk, he communicates well with both my boys, both as teenagers and when they were younger. They liked him and his playful banter."


"Dr. Birk was great, excellent follow-up appointment. I appreciate that he spends the time talking through things and not just a referral to look something up. His knowledge is really comforting also."
"Dr. Bruce Birk provides unparalleled care to children and great practical advice to parents."