Tiana L. Won


Beaverton Office

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Being a pediatrician is an honor and a joy. I love celebrating the wonder that surrounds a new life, each milestone gained, and the growth that comes over the years. I also recognize that raising children is not easy. I aim to provide the best care possible as we walk through challenging times together in pursuit of a healthy future. I truly listen to my families so I can advocate for them, within and beyond the walls of the clinic.

About me

Dr. Won knew she wanted to work with kids before she knew she wanted to be a pediatrician. She first considered pediatrics when her younger brother was ill and she wanted to understand the cause, as well as see him get better. After exploring different internships and volunteer experiences during her undergraduate education at the University of Texas, Dr. Won shadowed her former pediatrician, which confirmed her interest in medicine. She earned her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas before moving to Seattle to complete her pediatric residency at the University of Washington. After her year as chief resident with the University of Washington, Dr. Won moved to Australia to experience a different system of practice in her husband’s homeland before joining PANW. Dr. Won is board-certified and practices in our Beaverton office and Tigard office. 


Dr. Won enjoys spending her spare time cooking and baking, especially when she can share the end product with friends and family. While she is no expert, she enjoys learning new techniques and recipes from her mom, Ottolenghi and the NYT cooking team. 


A thorough listener, Dr. Won believes in being quick to listen and slow to speak. She values people’s stories and recognizes that we have much to learn from each other. Storycorps is one of her favorite podcasts. In her practice, she knows she must first listen to children and families before she can advocate for them.  


Dr. Won has been exposed to a variety of medical systems through her internship in South Korea at one of the World Health Organization’s East-West Collaborating Centres, her years caring for the uninsured in Austin, and her work at a children’s hospital in Australia. Her curiosity about different systems has given her a wider lens through which to look at our current models of care.


Dr. Won’s family has taught her much over the years and she still learns from them today. Her mother continues to be a model of generosity in her life. Hearing about her father’s journey as an immigrant from South Korea to the US opened her eyes to some of the challenges many of our neighbors face. Her daughter has shown her the value of slowing down and being present to the moment. She and her family enjoy the outdoors and particularly love to hike and be near the water. They also enjoy swing dancing, climbing, and treating themselves to delicious baked goods after any of the above activities.

Culinary Apprentice

Dr. Won enjoys cooking and baking for friends.


She is quick to listen and slow to speak.

World Traveler

She has lived, worked, and volunteered all over the world.

Fun Facts

Feet of elevation gain (over 5km) on steepest hike while living in Australia.
Number of continents she has lived on.
Feet fallen in first (and likely only) tandem skydive.

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