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Dr. Claire Ruggeri

I strive to create a space for families that is inclusive, empathetic, and family-centered. I highly value listening and recognize that every patient is first and foremost a person with their own unique story. I especially enjoy the intersection between physical and mental/emotional health, and building resiliency at all ages. 

About me

Dr. Ruggeri has always loved working with children. In college, she worked at the Boys and Girls Club and coordinated afterschool STEM education programs for elementary and middle school girls. During medical school, she realized how much she enjoyed educating and guiding families through the highs and lows of childhood, and now feels honored to accompany families through their journey. 


Dr. Ruggeri completed her undergraduate training at Oregon State University and her medical degree at Oregon Health and Science University. As a native Oregonian, she wanted to experience a different part of the country and moved to Charleston, South Carolina for her pediatrics residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. After completion, she worked in North Carolina before returning to Oregon to be closer to family and friends. Dr. Ruggeri is board-certified and practices in our Tigard office.  


Dr. Ruggeri is excited to return to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. In her free time, she enjoys checking out local coffee shops for the best cappuccino or trying out a new restaurant. She believes in Anthony Bourdain’s adage, “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” At home, you can find her testing out a new recipe in the kitchen or hanging out with her dogs and a good book. She is thrilled to join PANW and contribute to a practice that prioritizes expert, compassionate care. 


Dr. Ruggeri studied vocal performance in college and likes singing classical and opera music. She loves the collaborative aspect of performing in a choir, but is also happy to sing solo anytime, especially anything in German!


She has also always been an avid reader. She enjoys reading all types of books, particularly classic sci-fi and fantasy. Her favorite authors include Isaac Asimov, Brandon Sanderson, and Neil Gaiman.


Dr. Ruggeri loves to experience new people and places, and has visited over 15 countries including Iceland, Panama, China, and more. Her favorite memories include hiking in the Swiss Alps and visiting the panda cubs in Chengu.  


Dr. Ruggeri comes from a small family with lots of heart. She met her husband, a software engineer, in a swing dance class in college. Her two sweet pups bring much joy and laughter to her life, and she has had the good fortune of fostering several other rescue dogs through the years. In 2023, she and her husband welcomed their first son into their family, and she is enjoying the new perspective motherhood brings to her practice. 


She enjoys singing classical and opera music.


She enjoys reading all types of books, particularly classic sci-fi and fantasy.


Dr. Ruggeri loves to experience new people and places.

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