Kaseymichelle Qualman

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Portland Office

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Kaseymichelle Qualman DNP, CPNP-PC
The children we work with will inherit the world, so I always strive to provide them with the highest level of care, so they grow into the best versions of themselves. I also understand children do not come with a manual, so I want patients and their parents to feel comfortable asking all the questions they need to feel confident when leaving my exam room. As a child and well into my teen years, I was terrified of shots and going to the doctor. Because of this, I have so much empathy for the children I care for and hope to make every child’s visit with me a positive experience. 

About me

Dr. Qualman (pediatric nurse practitioner) believes a career in medicine provides the opportunity to help other people, particularly children. She has over 15 years of experience working with children in various settings, starting with tutoring and after-school health programs at bilingual schools in the Bay Area where she grew up.


Before entering nursing school, Dr. Qualman received her Bachelor of Science in Recreation Parks and Tourism at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Go Mustangs!! After graduating, she worked at Nike, organizing their weekly Run Club and Fit Kids. She loves empowering children to be their best selves by focusing on each of their unique abilities.


A few years later, Dr. Qualman received her master’s in nursing at the University of Arizona and continued her passion for children while in the PICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, focusing on pediatrics in the primary care setting. Dr. Qualman has a particular interest in pediatric nutrition. She enjoys discussing nutrition and weight management with her patients and their families, which is often the gateway to overall health.


Dr. Qualman looks forward to developing long-lasting relationships with her patients and the whole family. She wants to ensure that younger kids feel safe and brave in her office, and she always strives to connect with her adolescent patients on a humanistic level. She knows being in a doctor’s office can sometimes feel scary and intimidating, so she tries to make each visit fun and informative. Dr. Qualman is board-certified and practices in our Portland office.


When Dr. Qualman was in the 3rd grade, she would go to the dog park every day to play with other people’s dogs since she didn’t have one of her own. Now she has an 11-year-old labradoodle named Riley, who she has had since he was a puppy. He is her little sidekick, and he joins her everywhere! He will likely tag along if you ever see her outside of the clinic!

Growing up, Dr. Qualman was always involved in sports. After college, she ran two half and one full Nike women’s marathons! She tries to do either a spin or Barre Method class daily. This is where she does her best thinking and de-stressing. She truly believes that exercising is not just physical. It helps you become a better, stronger person in every area of your life.

Dr. Qualman also loves immersing herself in various cultures, languages, and environments. Her grandma was from Costa Rica, and she was fortunate enough to have attended kindergarten there for a brief time. She even returned to live there for two months during high school. She also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, for three months while living with a host family. In Portland, her outdoor adventures include hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, and camping.

When it comes to books, Dr. Qualman loves Harry Potter! She often puts the movies on as background noise and has listened to every audiobook. She also is a big fan of the Backstreet Boys and can recite almost every lyric to every song. For fun adventures, Dr. Qualman enjoys visiting Disneyland, where everyone can find their inner child. Tigger and Pluto are her favorite characters, and she’s seen almost every Disney and Pixar movie.


Dr. Qualman and her partner met at Cal Poly SLO and have been together ever since! They enjoy time with Riley, their amazing labradoodle who keeps them laughing 24/7. Her family is small but very close. She feels lucky to have parents who always supported her ambitions and a sister who is one of her best friends.

Dog Lover

Her labradoodle, Riley, is one of her best friends.

Exercise Enthusiast

Loves running, barre and getting extra steps in at the dog park.

Travel Seeker

World traveler with a keen interest in learning about other cultures and languages.

Fun Facts

Number of letters in her first name.
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Number of kindergarten programs she attended as a child.

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