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I believe every child deserves respect, autonomy, and unconditional love. My favorite part of being a pediatrician is providing safe spaces for children to learn about their health and themselves. Listening to the children I care for has taught me how to be a better pediatrician and a better parent.

About me

Dr. Hassan was born and raised in Texas. He grew up loving math, science, writing, art, piano, video games, and the outdoors. He knew from a young age he wanted to be a doctor so he could help others. He studied physics in college at the University of Texas and went to medical school at the Paul Foster School of Medicine in El Paso. There, he also obtained his master’s degree in public health, learned to rock climb, and started running and hiking. Learning about public health and caring for underserved people along the Texas border helped him see the ways our health outcomes are tied to our physical, social, and political environments before we are even born.


Dr. Hassan completed his pediatric residency training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he worked in the Teen Mom clinic and frequently visited Capitol Hill to lobby on behalf of children’s health. He spent his limited time off honing his snowboarding skills in the champagne powder of the Wasatch Mountains. After Utah, Dr. Hassan’s love of the outdoors drew him to Oregon to start his career and family. Dr. Hassan is board-certified and practices in our Tigard office. He also proudly serves as the medical director of the non-profit organization, Boost Oregon, which empowers families to make science-based vaccine decisions for themselves.


Dr. Hassan has never tried a hobby he didn’t like. He is passionate about the outdoors, and enjoys birdwatching, trail running, road and mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, kayaking, swimming, and snowboarding. He’s raced in several full and half marathons, a handful of relay races, and a half ironman triathlon.

When not outside, Dr. Hassan is a diehard Adult Fan of Lego, and is always expanding the Lego city in his home office (he hopes to one day convince his wife to let him expand the city to other rooms in their house). He also loves puzzles of all kinds but is particularly fond of his Rubix cube collection. Dr. Hassan loves a good game night (though his own board game collection is dwarfed by that of his younger brother) and will never turn down a game of chess. Dr. Hassan loves a good science or nature book or fantasy or science fiction novel, and usually reads about two dozen books a year (a meager number compared to his mother, who reads upwards of 400). His favorite reading spot is curled up in a hammock with his dog.

Dr. Hassan has also dabbled in crochet, origami, kitesurfing, and close-up magic. These days, Dr. Hassan’s activity of choice is whatever his daughter decides to do for the day, and he has enjoyed sharing most of his favorite hobbies with her.


Dr. Hassan lives in Clackamas with his wife, daughter, and Chihuahua. He and his wife met in grade school, began dating while he was finishing medical school, got married during his residency training, and had their first and only child in 2021. His daughter has taught him the meaning of unconditional love, and how to truly treat children with the respect they deserve.

Dr. Hassan is the oldest of four brothers. His parents and in-laws all live in Texas, where he frequently visits for family reunions. No matter how much he misses his family, though, Oregon will always be his home.


His greatest joy and passion is being a parent to his kind, beautiful, brilliant, and hilarious daughter.


Dr. Hassan likes to make every day an adventure and spends as much time as he can exploring the Pacific Northwest by foot, bike, kayak, and car.


Dr. Hassan envisions a world where all children have a loving home, food, healthcare, and a quality education.

Fun Facts

Races run in a single year.
Minutes he can hold his breath.
Number of Rubik's-style twisty puzzles owned (and solved).

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