Welcome, Shelby Massingale, M.S.W.

Shelby Massingale MSW

This month, things are more exciting than usual at PANW, as we welcome three new faces into our fold. The third platinum-caliber member we’re welcoming to the team is Shelby Massingale, MSW. She joins us on July 19th as a Behavioral Health Care Manager in our Tigard office.

Say Hello to Shelby Massingale, MSW

Shelby is as dynamic as her name, gifted to her by her father to honor the mantra of “she shall be…” and the empowerment of endless possibilities. We’re honored to have this wise, compassionate, and empathetic new member join our team.

Her calling to serve youth and teens in the mental health realm came early while working as a peer support hotline operator for Clark County Teen Talk in Vancouver, WA. That experience led her to complete a Master in Social Work degree at the University of Michigan.

Shelby has extensive experience working with youth, teens, and their families – specializing in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and trauma-informed play therapies for all ages (including parents and caregivers!). First and foremost, she is her patients’ ally, advocating for the understanding, support, and services they need to thrive.

As a Behavioral Health Care Manager, Shelby will be supporting families with complex behavioral health needs. Specifically, she will assist families and medical providers with comprehensive care plans, facilitate communication among specialists and check in with families to see how they’re doing and provide assistance.

Connect (Or Dance) With Our Newest Behavioral Health Care Manager

Don’t be surprised if you see Shelby moving to the beat of her own rhythm as this music lover (and D.J!) has a perpetual loop of R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and Afrobeats playing in her internal soundtrack. She’d love to hear your current music recommendations or stories about your favorite dog. You can read more about Shelby Massingale on our PANW Provider’s Page.

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