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Welcome, Dr. Claire Ruggeri, M.D.-F.A.A.P.

Dr. Claire Ruggeri

The month of July kicks off with a bang here at PANW, and we’re not just talking about the July 4th firework displays.

We’re welcoming three new members to our team. Dr. Claire Ruggeri, M.D.- F.A.A.P., joins us on July 13, working in both the Beaverton and Tigard offices.

A Little About Dr. Ruggeri

Becoming a pediatric physician was the perfect merger of Dr. Ruggeri’s primary passions: children and guiding and educating families through the highs and lows of parenting. An Oregon native, Dr. Ruggeri started her upper-level education at Oregon State (Go, Beavers!). After completing the medical degree program at Oregon Health and Science University, she was ready to strike out somewhere new.

That desire took Dr. Ruggeri across the country, landing in Charleston, South Carolina, for her pediatrics residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. Upon completing the program, she continued working in N.C. for a bit.

Ultimately, her love of family and the Northwest brought her back home – and we’re so grateful she returned. Dr. Ruggeri’s first priority as a pediatrician is to listen to each patient and family story, honoring them as the unique individuals they are. Dr. Ruggeri also appreciates the intersection of physical and mental-emotional health.

Please Do Strike Up a Conversation

Whether you find yourself in her office or see her passing by in the Beaverton or Tigard offices, please do strike up a conversation. Hot topics include her favorite aria (if you’re lucky, this vocal performance major might even sing a few stanzas for you) or the current book(s) resting on her nightstand.

You can learn more about Dr. Ruggeri, traveler extraordinaire, on our PANW Providers Page.


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