A Return to More In-Person Patient Check-Ins

Pediatric Associates NW Return to In-Person Patient Check-Ins

If you are a patient at PANW, you have likely received a patient survey link via text after each appointment. We are appreciative of the time our patients take to offer feedback about their experience and suggest improvements. We truly take each comment to heart and make adjustments with our team to ensure we continue to provide the most comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate care. One specific area we have received feedback around is our Mobile Check-In service and process; thank you for sharing your thoughts. We have heard your concerns and are working to address them. 

PANW will be transitioning several of our technology tools in 2022, as we change our electronic medical record system to one that is made specifically for pediatric care. In doing so, we will retire our current mobile check-in process and return to face-to-face interactions where we can, while maintaining safety measures. The past 2 years have brought many changes as we have navigated the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we have appreciated tools like the mobile check-in service that help reduce the amount of time patients spend checking in and completing paperwork in the office, thus reducing exposure levels. We understand there have been challenges with the process, not making it ideal for everyone. We are  grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding as we thoughtfully try innovative new services, learn, and adjust based on patient feedback.  PANW looks forward to having more face-to-face interactions with you once again in the near future.

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