RECOVER Study: Understanding Long Term Health Effects of COVID

There is no doubt that there is still a lot to be learned about the health impacts of COVID. Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is excited to participate in The RECOVER Study, a National Institute of Health study aimed at better understanding the long term health effects of COVID in children and adults. 

What is the RECOVER Study?  

RECOVER stands for Researching COVID-19 to Enhance Recovery. The goal of the study is to learn how we can better prevent, test, and treat Long COVID in the future. In particular, researchers will look at why some children experience Long COVID and others don’t, and what symptoms are present and for how long in Long COVID patients. 


This national study involves several institutions and organizations across the country: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Columbia University Department of Pediatrics, New England Research Institute, Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, University of California San Diego, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing, and Rutgers University. 

How is Pediatric Associates of the Northwest participating in RECOVER?

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is helping to enroll patient families who are interested in participating in the RECOVER study. We will assist families with completing the short referral form and submitting it to the research team who will then follow-up with parents/guardians about next steps. 


We will NOT be sharing any patient records or other information with researchers. Our role is simply to share information about the study and support patient families who are interested in learning more. Enrollment is completely optional and your family’s care at our offices will not be affected by your choice either way. Participants can change their mind and withdraw from the study at any time. 

Who can participate in RECOVER and how can families enroll?

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest patients ages 0-17 years may participate in RECOVER, regardless of their COVID status. Patients can enroll if they have never had COVID, had it recently, or had it earlier in the pandemic. 


To enroll in the RECOVER study, simply ask us for a referral form and complete it in the office or send the completed form to us through the patient portal. 

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