New COVID-19 Vaccine For Fall

With the change of seasons this year also comes updated COVID-19 vaccines. Just this week, the FDA authorized an updated COVID-19 monovalent vaccine for everyone 6 months and older. The CDC has agreed and recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive an updated vaccine to best protect against serious illness this Fall and Winter. Like the previous vaccines, this updated one does not eliminate the chances of getting COVID, but it does reduce the chances of severe illness, hospitalization, long COVID, or death. 

As with many other viruses, the one that causes COVID-19 is always changing. We also know that protection from the vaccines starts to decline over time. This updated COVID-19 vaccine can boost protection against the most current variant and is the most effective way to protect yourself and your family if your last dose was more than 2 months ago. It is for everyone 6 months and older, even if you have received the bivalent booster. 

PANW will be offering the following COVID-19 vaccines:

Age Group

COVID-19 vaccine


6 months through 4 years

Moderna/Pfizer (depending on supply)

At least 4 weeks after last dose

5 years through 11 years


At least 8 weeks after last dose

12 years and older


At least 8 weeks after last dose

We will be providing COVID-19 vaccines to parents/caregivers this season as we do for the Flu Vaccine.  Please sign up to attend one of our Saturday Flu/COVID vaccine events in October. For more information about these vaccine clinics and how to schedule, see our Flu & Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics Announcement. We look forward to seeing your family!


Vaccines can also be found in the community at local pharmacies and health departments.

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