Well Child

Now you can schedule your child’s routine visits using our convenient online appointment scheduler. Keep in mind that well-child care appointments can and should be made 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Insurance plans usually cover well-child visits, please check with your insurance company to confirm your coverage.


The "Why" Behind Well Child Check Appointments

Early detection of physical and mental health issues is critical for your child’s long-term wellness. That’s why well child checks are important during all stages of his or her growth and development.  Well child checks are about prevention. The sooner we notice something the sooner we can address it. 

One of the most important things you can do for your child’s overall well-being is to maintain a schedule of well child checks throughout his or her life, even when he or she is feeling fine and it seems there are no concerns.  Starting with the newborn well child check through age 3 years old, your child is seen 13 times.  Continuing to bring your child in for annual well child checks as he or she gets older is also important. 

Why so many visits?  It’s easier to check children’s development when they are healthy than when they are sick and a lot of changes occur quickly in growing children.      

Well child checks are more than immunizations.  They are an opportunity to review preventive care, growth and development, and topics of concern. They’re also critical to building a strong relationship with your pediatric provider. Click here to learn more. 


Vaccines and Immunizations

Immunizations are a vital part of medical care. We prefer to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics immunization schedule. Please discuss any concerns you have about vaccines and vaccine scheduling with your pediatrician or nurse practitioner. For more information about vaccines please click here. For children who are not insured, our clinic provides vaccines free of charge through the Vaccines for Children Program. An administration charge will be added for each vaccine.