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New Patient Portal: “My Kid’s Chart”

Have you checked out our new patient portal system yet? This past summer, we transitioned several of our patient technology tools and resources to better serve our patients. One of these tools included our secure patient portal system. The new portal, called “My Kid’s Chart,” allows us to make more health information available to families and is more user-friendly. 

My Kid’s Chart” allows you to: 


  • Send a secure message to your care team
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Request an appointment
  • Complete patient questionnaires (also called “CHADIS questionnaires”) and forms electronically
  • See immunizations, medications, and lab results
  • Review care plan instructions and visit summaries
  • Request medical records
  • Submit forms
  • Securely pay your bill

Accessing “My Kid’s Chart:”


Patient Portal Log In
Patient Portal Home



You can log into your patient portal account from our website.  We also recommend saving the link to your smartphone’s Home screen for quick and easy access. “My Kid’s Chart” works on any web browser.


Learn how to save the link on your Apple or Android phone.


Ask our team to set up your account today!


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