Community Resources

The following lists of community resources have been compiled by the staff and patients of Pediatric Associates of the Northwest. We are not affiliated with, nor endorse these organizations. We hope it can be a useful tool to connect our patients with the programs available to them in their areas.

Medical Health, Supplies and Safety

Name What Contact
Coalition of Community Health Clinics medical clinics servicing uninsured/underinsured 503-546-4991
Human Solutions housing assistance, job training, homeless services 503-548-0200
NARA Indian Health Clinic health services for Indian community of all ages 503-230-9875
Neighborhood House social programs, parenting programs, Head Start 503-246-1663
NW Children’s Outreach supplies (diapers, toys, etc..) for families in need 503-828-1472
Oregon Food Bank distributes emergency food to families in need 503-282-0555
Outside In medical/social services for homeless youth 503-223-4121
Portland City of Transportation listing of inexpensive bike helmets/booster seats 503-823-5185
Think Oregon First low cost certified bike/skate/ski helmets 503-418-5666
William Temple House social services, emergency supplies, counseling 503-226-3021

Mental Health and Support Services

Name What Contact
Baby Blues Connection support group for postpartum families 866-616-3751
Neighborhood House educational support, recreation, mentoring 503-246-1663
DBT mental health services 503-290-3291
Full House Moms and Dads membership club for multiple children families 503-610-8598
Lifeworks NW mental health services 503-645-3581
Morrison Family Services mental health services 503-258-4381
SMYRC resource/recreation/counseling for LBGTQ youth 503-872-9664
Trillium Family Services mental health services 888-333-6177