Behavioral Health

At PANW, we are committed to addressing all aspects of health, promoting physical, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal well being.  Along with medical care, PANW offers behavioral health services to address a wide variety of concerns, such as school problems, emotional difficulties, and family and social relationship issues.  In addition, a behavioral health clinician can help to address the emotional and behavioral aspects of medical problems and the impact of medical treatments upon children and adolescent’s wellbeing.  Whether through psychological evaluation services, ongoing behavioral health treatment, or a single visit to address mild concerns, the behavioral health clinician serves as a member of the care team to support the wellbeing of the whole child and their family.

If you feel that behavioral health services may be helpful to you or your child, contact either the PANW office to schedule an appointment or discuss your concerns with a medical care provider.

Information on specific topics related to behavioral health is also available here, with links to helpful websites.