Pediatricians and Providers

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Bruce J. Birk MD, FAAP

Originally from Texas, Dr. Birk still believes in Southern hospitality. He puts children and parents at ease with his large Texan greetings and his light-hearted personality. Dr. Birk enjoys completing projects around his house, playing guitar, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and chasing his two sons around their yard. Dr. Birk practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Birk an email. View Dr. Birk's Medical Home team handout.

James S. Bluhm MD, FAAP

Dr. Bluhm grew up in Oregon. He is known to wear a variety of unusually playful, colorful ties to lighten the mood with his patients and hopefully bring smiles to their faces. He is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the Children's Health Alliance and Children's Health Foundation. In his free time, Dr. Bluhm enjoys photographing native plants and local landscapes and hiking with his two children. Dr. Bluhm practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Bluhm an email. View Dr. Bluhm's Medical Home team handout.

Pilar H. Buerk MD, FAAP

After moving frequently while growing up, Dr. Buerk has made Portland her home. Upon entering the room, she is able to calm even the most uncertain patient with her warm smile and her naturally soothing voice. She is the proud mother of four children, yet still finds time in her busy life to compete in triathlons. Dr. Buerk practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Buerk an email. View Dr. Buerk's Medical Home team handout.

Elizabeth A. Carr MD, FAAP

Having been raised in Virginia, Dr. Carr is a Southerner at heart; the friendliness and charm of the South comes through in her conversations with her patients and their families. Dr. Carr enjoys gourmet food. She has also logged more airline miles around the world than any other provider with us. She has two grown stepchildren. Dr. Carr practices in our Lake Oswego office. Send Dr. Carr an email.

Whitney N. Casares MD, MPH, FAAP

Dr. Casares is a California native but feels right at home in the Pacific Northwest. She has a special interest in community wellness and adolescent health. A new mother herself, Dr. Casares' sincerity and natural enthusiasm make visits with her memorable. She enjoys running, traveling and spending time cooking with her family. Dr. Casares practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Casares an email.

Albert E. Chaffin MD, FAAP

Dr. Chaffin grew up in Ohio and moved to the Northwest to train in pediatrics. He is currently the vice chair of the Obstetrics/Pediatrics Department at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. His ready smile and easy laugh are effective at making patients and families feel comfortable. Dr. Chaffin enjoys cooking and chasing his dog, Floyd. Dr. Chaffin practices in our Lake Oswego office. Send Dr. Chaffin an email. View Dr. Chaffin's Medical Home team handout.

Laura L. Dahl MD, FAAP

Dr. Dahl grew up in Washington. She truly understands the value of going the extra mile, whether it's treating her patients or training for marathons. She believes in healthy, active lifestyles for families, and is a big supporter of youth athletics. She is a proud mother of one son. Dr. Dahl practices in our Lake Oswego office. Send Dr. Dahl an email. View Dr. Dahl's Medical Home team handout.

Mari Kay Evans-Smith MD, FAAP

Dr. Evans-Smith has lived in the Portland area most of her life. A committed humanitarian, Dr. Evans-Smith has donated her time and expertise to many medical mission trips, most recently in Haiti. She enjoys getting to know her patients as unique individuals, and brings balance to her busy life by practicing yoga. She is a proud mother of two children. Dr. Evans-Smith practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Evans-Smith an email. View Dr. Evans-Smith's Medical Home team handout.

Robert A. Mendelson MD, FAAP

Dr. Mendelson earned his medical degree from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1959. He did his internship training at Tripler General Hospital, followed by residency in pediatrics at Fitzsimmons General Hospital. Dr. Mendelson joined Pediatric Associates of the Northwest P.C., in 1964. Dr. Mendelson retired in January, 2004.

M. Allison Moorman MD, FAAP

Originally from Virginia, Dr. Moorman attended the University of Virginia and participated in the Primary Care Track at UCSF. She is passionate about programs that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. She enjoys cooking, as well as running with her dog. Dr. Moorman practices in both our Portland and Lake Oswego offices. Send Dr. Moorman an email.

David W. Porter MD, FAAP

Dr. Porter earned his medical degree from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1973. He did his internship training at the University of Arizona, followed by residency in pediatrics at the University of Oregon Medical School. Dr. Porter joined Pediatric Associates of the Northwest P.C., in 1976. Dr. Porter retired in June, 2013.

Jay S. Rosenbloom MD, PhD, FAAP

Dr. Rosenbloom grew up in Portland and is our only provider to have both MD and PhD degrees. He is also the medical director for the Children's Health Foundation, where he is working with other doctors to improve healthcare for children all over this region. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, and is the caretaker for our tropical aquariums. Dr. Rosenbloom practices in our Lake Oswego office. Send Dr. Rosenbloom an email.

Jack P. Schunk MD, FAAP

Dr. Schunk grew up in Salem and served as a U.S. Air Force pilot prior to pursuing medicine. Dr. Schunk values the long-term relationships he has with his patients, and happily continues their care through college. Dr. Schunk is an avid tennis player and lends his trumpet playing talents to several local bands. He has three grown children. Dr. Schunk joined Pediatric Associates of the Northwest P.C., in 1986. Dr. Schunk retired in October, 2014.

Jennifer J. Siebold CPNP

Jennifer Siebold grew up all over the world, including Italy, and has lived in Oregon for the last 20-plus years. In addition to being a primary care provider, Jennifer's special talent is working with mothers who are having lactation challenges and giving them hope and success with nursing. Jennifer was named as a top Nurse Practitioner in the Portland Metro Area by Portland Monthly magazine in 2014 [link]. She enjoys handwork and being outdoors with her husband and daughter. Jennifer practices in our Portland office. Send Jennifer Siebold an email.

Scott S. Spencer MD, MPH, FAAP

Dr. Spencer has recently returned to the Portland area after practicing pediatrics in Anchorage, Alaska. With a special interest in caring for children with chronic medical conditions, his goal is to help children find their way to a healthy and happy life, using a preventative approach, and addressing unique medical needs. When away from the office, Dr. Spencer enjoys biking, skiing, and spending time with his wife and young son. Dr. Spencer practices in our Portland office. Send Dr. Spencer an email.

Connie L. Evers MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

Registered dietitian Connie Evers has worked with children, teens, and families for 30 years in school, community, and healthcare settings. She's the author of several books about nutrition, and currently leads our Fresh Start program for expectant and new parents. Connie practices in both our Portland and Lake Oswego offices. Send Connie Evers an email.

Justin W. Bush PhD

Dr. Bush is a licensed psychologist offering behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and families. He was raised in Washington, where he developed an appreciation for the outdoors. Since childhood, his favorite pastimes have been skiing and snowboarding, and he enjoys these activities with his own family. Dr. Bush practices in both our Portland and Lake Oswego offices. Send Dr. Bush an email.

Tamara L. Pederson PhD

Dr. Pederson is an integrated behavioral health provider for our patients and families and has many years experience as a clinical psychologist.  She enjoys reading, science fiction movies, blues music, sunshine, and nurturing beautiful flowers in her garden. Dr. Pederson practices in both our Portland and Lake Oswego offices. Send Dr. Pederson an email.

Shannon Odell, PsyD

Dr. Odell is a pediatric psychologist who has a special interest in helping kids cope with chronic illness and pain. She has training in biofeedback and loves to use this technology in her work with kids, adolescents, and families. Dr. Odell is very happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest after practicing in Boston, MA. She loves to be active and spend time with friends and family. Dr. Odell practices in both our Portland and Lake Oswego offices