Geri Luxenberg

Nurse Care Manager


I believe in advocating for the needs of my patients and families by listening, encouraging, and collaborating with the whole care team. I am compassionate and dedicated to those I serve; and I strive to make sure the goals of my patients are my top priority.

About me

Geri attended Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland where she earned her Registered Nurse degree and worked on the Neurology/Neurosurgery floor for 2 years. She relocated to Los Angeles and accepted a job at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. For 8 years, she worked with medically-complex infants. She was passionate about the strong connections she formed with each family. Teaching and caring for them became life-changing and empowering.


Geri went on to earn her Bachelors of Science in Nursing before having her own children- twin boys- one of whom spent weeks in the hospital after delivery. Although she was a pediatric nurse who had helped many other families in the same situation, she wasn’t prepared for her own experience. Having an infant with special needs helped Geri be even more committed to caring for others. She truly understands each family’s struggles and takes them on as if they are her own.


After moving back to Portland, Geri joined PANW as a triage nurse for 17 years before becoming a Care Manager. For many years now, she has supported medically complex patients and their families. Geri works in our Portland office.


In her spare time, Geri loves to bake with her sisters. Their recipes usually center around Jewish holiday foods they grew up with. Continuing family traditions is important to the whole family. When she’s not making food herself, Geri enjoys trying different food trucks with her son.


Outside the office, Geri stays busy with her dogs. A true dog-lover, she has always had 2 her whole life. Currently, she has a Pitbull named Diesel and a Flatcoat Retriever named Harley. She loves watching them bond and play together; they make her smile every day!


Growing up, Geri was known by her neighbors as “Carrot-top.” She had bright orange hair! Even in her college years she would get asked “how’s it going Carrot top!”  Fortunately, she has outgrown the name as she has aged!


Geri was born and raised in the Portland area. Although she moved to Los Angeles for many years, she couldn’t wait to return home to Oregon. Today, she doesn’t live far from where she grew up and she still shops, plays, and eats in some of the same places she did back in the day! 

Geri is the youngest of 3 girls. She and her husband have twin boys who are now grown adults.  

Native Oregonian

She was born and raised in the Portland area.

Dog Lover

Geri has always had 2 dogs.


She enjoys baking with her sisters- a tradition they have carried on for years.

Fun Facts

Grown children who make her proud.
Years (and counting) working at PANW.
Dogs who she adores.

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