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COVID-19 Boosters: 5-11 Year Olds

pediatric associates nw covid boosters 5-11

Just yesterday, the FDA and CDC fully approved COVID-19 booster doses for 5-11 year olds. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we waited for final approval from all federal, regional, and local health authorities. We will be offering some appointments during the week at all office locations and hold two Saturday vaccine clinics in our Tigard office. Patients can begin scheduling appointments now. At this time, these vaccine clinics will be reserved for patients 5-11 years old only and we are not able to boost parents/guardians. 

Saturday Vaccine Clinic Dates (Tigard Office):


  • June 11th 


**Please note these vaccine clinics will be held in the office, not drive-thru. 


Options for Appointments During the Week (All Locations):


  • Booster doses are available to patients who have an upcoming visit already scheduled (well visit, follow-up, etc.). 
  • Patients can schedule a “vaccine-only” appointment for booster doses (limited number of appointments each day). 



Please call our offices to schedule an appointment. Online scheduling will not be available.


Beaverton: (503) 673-1071

Portland: (503) 227-0671

Tigard: (503) 968-3480



Who is eligible for a 5-11 Year Old COVID-19 booster?


Patients ages 5-11 years old who received their 2nd dose at least 5 months ago. Booster doses for this age are Pfizer only as this is the only one approved thus far. 



If Your Child Currently Has Covid-19: 


Those with current infections may receive their booster dose once symptoms have resolved and isolation requirements have been met. Guidance from the CDC also states that individuals who have had COVID-19 recently may consider waiting 90 days from the start of symptoms (or positive test if asymptomatic). Studies have shown that waiting this amount of time may lead to a better immune response to the vaccine. 




For complete information about COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for every age group, and what PANW is providing, please see our vaccine update page.


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