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Better Healthcare and Patient Experience

New Patient Tools
To better care for our patients and continue providing excellent customer service, we will be transitioning several of our technology tools over the course of this year. We heard your feedback and have been working hard to find new solutions that will be easier to use and to navigate.

Here are a few highlights:

Online Appointment Check-In will cease and we will instead return to in-person check-ins by our friendly medical receptionists. The online process began at the start of the pandemic as a way for patients to safely and conveniently check in from home and decrease exposure time in our offices, but we recognize the process was challenging for many of our families.

Appointment Confirmations will continue via text message, email, or phone call but through a new platform. Simply confirm your appointment and be done! No further “check-in” action will be required of patients. The new platform also offers enhanced texting features.

The Patient Portal will be improved as part of our transition to a new electronic health record system that is specifically built for pediatrics. This will help families better access care and health information in a more user-friendly environment than our patient portal currently offers, and allow for linked parent/guardian accounts while complying with confidentiality laws for adolescent patients.

Patient Screening Tools will be sent ahead of time through our new secure patient portal so families have ample time to complete the questionnaires rather than feeling rushed at check-in. These will include our standard developmental screens for younger patients, anxiety screens, and adolescent screens for drug & alcohol use and depression.

What does this all mean for our patients?

Even better healthcare and patient experience at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest! There’s no need to do anything at the moment; we will be sharing several more updates as we move along and prepare to roll out these improvements. Thank you for trusting us to continue caring for your family in innovative and comprehensive ways.

Secure Patient Portal

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