Author: Jill Poon

Sleepy teenager asleep on books

Teens and Sleep – How Much Do They Need?

Sleep deprivation is a precursor for all kinds of unpleasant symptoms, including poor or risky decision-making, moodiness and irritability, and lack of energy. Does that sound like your teen? While healthy nutrition and regular exercise are certainly part of the equation, examine how much sleep your teen gets on average.

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parent looking at apps on phone

5 of Our Favorite Parenting Apps

There are only so many apps one can use regularly, and there are thousands of parenting apps to choose from. So how does a parent or guardian decide which parenting apps are worth installing and which aren’t?

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parenting burnout

Signs That You Might Have Parenting Burnout

Most of us knew parenting wouldn’t be easy, but it’s impossible to understand the rigors of the job until you’re swimming (or dog paddling) in the midst of it. Parenting burnout is a real thing, and if you’re not careful, parenting fatigue and burnout have negative impacts on your health and well-being – as well as the well-being of your family.

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