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Vivian Aranda-Michel PsyD

I take great honor in creating an environment in which both the parent’s and child’s concerns are explored, in order to begin the collaboration, skill- building, and goal-setting required for positive outcomes, self-efficacy, and empowerment. I truly enjoy working within a medically integrated practice, where dedicated comprehensive and compassionate care is not only delivered to address the physical needs, but also the emotional, and the behavioral aspects of the developing child, teen, and family.  


After completing her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner training at the University of Cincinnati, OH, Dr. Aranda- Michel decided to pursue a bigger dream- to work as a Clinical Psychologist. She enrolled in Xavier University’s APA accredited Doctor of Clinical Psychology program and completed her APA accredited Pre-Doctoral internship at Nationwide Children’s hospital, OH, where she further trained and gained specialized skills in pediatric and child psychology. Dr. Aranda-Michel’s Post-Doctoral training was completed in Florida at Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics, where she worked with children in a community setting, as well as a specialized private school, to further consolidate training in psychological assessments and treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and behavioral and learning challenges associated with various genetic conditions.

Dr. Aranda-Michel uses a variety of evidence based behavioral health interventions to assess, treat, and support children and teens experiencing chronic medical conditions, anxiety, depression and ADHD, as well as body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB), Selective Mutism, and behavioral challenges common in the developing years. Moreover, she offers an array of comprehensive psychological assessments and evaluations to aid in diagnoses, such as learning challenges, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and transgender evaluations. Her overall goal with these evaluations is to generate clinical recommendations to support a young person’s adjustment, social and emotional growth, and to achieve success, both at home and at school. Dr. Aranda-Michel practices in our Tigard office.

Outdoor Adventurist

Come rain or shine, Dr. Aranda-Michel is always ready to embrace the great outdoors and does not shy away from snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking Denali National park, or just enjoying a neighborhood bike ride to keep fit with her family. She will never complain of the Portland rain, because that usually means it’s snowing on the mountains, and the start of the ski season.


Dr. Aranda-Michel maintains an active family life, made more so by the new addition of the family’s labradoodle puppy, “Ollie.” Her family enjoys laughing, playing “Rummikub,” cooking and sharing great meals together. She makes a monthly effort to try to perfect paella recipes, and strives for the elusive crusty crispy bottom of the paella, the “socarrat”, and is always eager to learn and try out new recipes from around the world.

Fun Facts

Dr. Aranda-Michel grew up in Australia, which she calls her childhood home, and she has lived and worked in three countries- Australia, Mexico and the US. Growing up in the land “down under” created a thirst for adventure and a yearning to explore different cultures. While she still misses vegemite, cricket, Pavlovas and meat pies, her love of traveling takes her to new, diverse, and exciting places. She has overcome her fear of really long airplane flights because she knows, at the end, a great adventure usually awaits, as well as a good night’s sleep.

As a relatively new dog owner, she is eager to learn more about Portland’s best dog parks, as well as dog and family-friendly hikes. Dr. Aranda-Michel is thrilled to be a part of PANW’s health care team and looks forward to working collaboratively with all its members in promoting emotional and behavioral health in the community.