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Todd R. Hiller PhD

I feel that each child and each family is unique, with their own strengths and their own challenges. I work to understand and connect with families, and help them reach their goals. Originally from northern Minnesota, I have been told I brought a bit of “Minnesota Nice” with me to Portland.


After a brief foray in the world of computer science, Dr. Hiller realized he enjoyed talking with people much more than talking to machines. He earned his Ph.D. in school psychology from Ball State University and completed a clinical internship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Hiller has a specialization in neuropsychology and completed a two year neuropsychological fellowship at Our Children’s House at Baylor. Through PANW’s Concussion Clinic, he also provides specialty testing for patients who have suffered a recent sports- related concussion to evaluate their cognitive function. Dr. Hiller practices in our Tigard office. 

Movie Lover

Dr. Hiller’s parents owned and operated the two screen theater in their small Minnesota hometown, which means he has been mopping spilled soda and sweeping up popcorn since he was five years old. It also means that he has developed a life-long love of movies and enjoys watching almost anything on the big screen.

Unplugged Game Enthusiast

As Dr. Hiller continues to get older and older, he likes to exercise his competitive side in challenges of the mind instead of the body.  Therefore, he loves to play a variety of board and card games that allow him to utilize the analytical side of his brain. He is always ready for a game of Twilight Struggle, any time, any place!    


Dr. Hiller lives with his wife Amanda and their faithful (and slightly insane) dog, Raleigh. 

Fun Facts

Continuing his love of movies, Dr. Hiller was in the B-movie Dead and Too Stupid to Know It, fighting off “Sugar-beet” zombies. It’s been a while, but Dr. Hiller has run four marathons. He is especially proud of his 3:29 time at the Miami marathon. He loves pizza – if you have a favorite Pizza spot in the Portland area, let him know about it! Since moving to Oregon a few years ago, he has discovered his favorite walking route in Portland is along the waterfront downtown. Dr. Hiller loves working at PANW because of the great team of providers and staff.