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Shannon Odell PsyD

Dedicated, empathetic, and caring, I have a knack for connecting with kids of all ages and work hard to bring out the best in all of the children and adolescents I see. My goal is to make every patient and parent feel heard and understood, and I enjoy collaborating with patients and families to work towards their goals and recognize their strengths. I know that coping with difficult times and changing behaviors can be incredibly challenging, so I am committed to acting as a guide for children, adolescents, and parents as they navigate the stressful obstacles that are part of growing up.


Dr. Odell received her bachelor’s degree (with a double major in psychology and history) from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where she decided to be a psychologist after volunteering at a local hospital in the pediatric oncology ward. It was there she realized she had a passion for helping children through serious medical challenges. Dr. Odell went on to graduate school at Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio, where she trained at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She graduated with a doctorate in psychology, with a focus in child and adolescent psychology. Dr. Odell completed her pre-doctoral internship at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, her post-doctoral fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital, and began her career at Boston Children’s Hospital where she was also an instructor at Harvard Medical School and specialized in working with children with chronic pain disorders. She has also collaborated on several publications on topics including sleep, chronic pain, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. Dr. Odell works with children and adolescents with a wide variety of mental health symptoms, most commonly anxiety, depression, and behavioral challenges. She is trained in Parent-Child Interaction Training (PCIT), biofeedback, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and leads workshops on Parenting Young Children. Dr. Odell is a regular contributor for PANW’s blogs, and has appeared as an expert on KREM 2 news in Spokane. She practices in our Tigard office.

Perpetual Student

Always wanting to learn new things, Dr. Odell will spend her down time dabbling in new hobbies or learning about new subjects.

Dog lover/Exercise Enthusiast/Podcast Listener

Dr. Odell has 2 dogs who she loves to pieces. To boost those happiness brain chemicals (and to practice what she preaches), she enjoys taking the younger of her two dogs on runs around their neighborhood and will take both of them on long walks while listening to one of the many, many podcasts to which she subscribes.

Fun Facts

Dr. Odell has lived in 10 different cities in her life, her favorites among them include Florence, Italy, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts (where she learned to spell Massachusetts and say Worcester correctly). But above all, she loves the Pacific Northwest and is happy to have found her forever home here. She enjoys hiking anywhere in the gorge or at the coast. Dr. Odell is happy to be working at PANW because the practice’s core values match her own: commitment to quality patient care!