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James S. Bluhm MD, FAAP

I have always felt that the best way to serve the families I see is through collaboration.  This involves understanding together what the problem or process is and jointly deciding how to manage those challenges. Each child is different so I take an individualized approach. I can often be spotted wearing a variety of playful and colorful ties to help lighten the mood and connect with my patients!


Dr. Bluhm had no idea he would want to become a pediatrician one day. When he was young, he envisioned he would be some high-powered surgeon or procedural-focused physician, but when he started his pediatric rotation in medical school, Dr. Bluhm realized that pediatrics is fun!  He felt it matched his personality perfectly, and he really enjoyed the nature of the challenges that children face. He completed his medical degree at Oregon Health & Sciences University and his residency was split between St. Louis University and OHSU. Dr. Bluhm is a true generalist, and is very happy working with all age groups from birth through the college years. He is also proud to serve as President of the Board of Directors for the Children’s Health Alliance and Foundation, where he collaborates with other local pediatric offices to improve the health of children across Oregon. Dr. Bluhm is board-certified and practices in our Portland office and our Beaverton office.


Renaissance Man

Dr. Bluhm does not consider himself a genius of any sort, but if Renaissance Man implies someone who genuinely enjoys learning about anything and everything, then that’s him.  Whether it is history, art, or landscape design and flowers, or technology, travel, athletics, or deep space, and even social or environmental issues and politics, he is eager to learn and discuss with most anyone.


For enjoyment and creativity, Dr. Bluhm loves to take photographs with his Olympus EM1 markII camera. His interest is in landscapes and flora predominantly. To him, it is peaceful and relaxing and, of course, encourages him to get outside as much as possible!  After the shot, the real creativity continues with photo editing. Dr. Bluhm finds it so pleasing to ultimately develop an image that perfectly matches what his mind’s eye saw of the scene.


Dr. Bluhm was born down the road in Salem, where his father still lives in the house he grew up in. He has two grown children, who are experiencing now what “adulting” is all about!

Fun Facts

Dr. Bluhm has many favorite hiking spots, but he especially enjoys Tam McArthur Rim in the Three Sisters Wilderness area. It is a special and sentimental hike for him. He loves all sorts of board games. When he gets together with his old high school friends, they may play for hours.  His low score on the golf course was a 3 under par 68 (at Columbia Edgewater CC), somehow the golf gods were kind to him on that day! There isn’t any type of food that Dr. Bluhm won’t try.  

Dr. Bluhm is proud to say, and a little shocked, that he is the old timer at PANW. He has spent his whole career here and will undoubtedly retire from PANW. His co-workers are his dear friends, and the staff and patients have been like extended family to him. He can’t think of any better place to work!



Nothing Brings Us Greater Joy Than Caring For Our Patients- See What Dr. Bluhm's patients have to say about him!

"We were very lucky to have Dr. James Bluhm as our pediatrician for five years. He was responsive to our requests and concerns...His demeanor/manner was perfect, very sweet and calm and patient with our two energetic little boys. He explains things thoroughly but without condescension. He seems genuinely interested in helping parents raise happy, healthy children. It's obvious that he truly cares about kids and their health. When we told him we would be having a second he literally clapped his hands!"  


"Dr. Bluhm is the best doctor I have ever met. He is very competent, diligent and respectful. I am very happy he was my daughter's doctor and I highly recommend him to all and everybody that needs a great pediatrician."


"Dr. Bluhm is an amazing pediatrician. He provides warm, incredibly competent care with such a calm presence. I trust his judgment completely and frequently recommend him when friends are looking for a new physician for their child(ren)."