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Early Intervention Helped My Child

Scott Spencer, MD, MPH
October 01, 2018 02:00PM

One of my most rewarding roles as a pediatrician is to help guide parents though their child’s development. When it came to my own daughter’s development, my wife and I noticed that she wasn’t progressing in one particular area. At 12 months of age, she didn’t crawl, she had stopped rolling, and she was happy to sit on the floor and spin around. As entertaining as this was, I knew she was behind on her physical development. Could she catch up? I wasn’t sure. It was this concern that brought me to contact the Early Intervention Program of Multnomah County. Within a few weeks, my wife and I were able to get an-hour long appointment to evaluate her development. Two therapists evaluated all of her developmental milestones –her physical, communication, social, and thinking skills. Because she was behind enough in her physical skills (also called gross motor skills), she qualified for physical therapy. We had the nicest physical therapist come to our house every other week. She worked with my daughter, and more importantly taught us what we could do to help her development. It turns out that, even being a pediatrician, I had to learn the physical therapy skills to help her learn to crawl and ultimately walk. After four months, she was doing great and so we made a plan to stop our home sessions. If we had more concerns in the future we could always contact Early Intervention again. I was so impressed with the care that we received with Early Intervention. The best part? It was free. Now three years later, my daughter is one of the best gymnast/dancer/soccer players I know (of course I am a little biased).

If you care for a child under 5 years of age and are concerned about their development, I would highly encourage you to contact Early Intervention. If you aren’t sure, please talk to your pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest. We evaluate children’s development at every well child visit.

If you have been referred to Early Intervention, I can tell you confidently that you will get great service and care for your child. What’s more? It will give you the support you need as you strive to optimize your child’s development.

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