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Top 10 Reasons for High School Graduates to Stay at PANW

Mari Kay Evans-Smith MD, FAAP
August 26, 2019 12:00AM

As teens graduate from high school and head off to their next adventures, their medical care often gets lost in the shuffle. It can be confusing to navigate the health care system as a young adult. At Pediatric Associates of the Northwest (PANW), we want to make sure all our young adult patients receive the best care possible as they transition to the “real world.” Here are the top 10 reasons PANW is the best primary care medical home for your high school graduate:


1. We are one of the only pediatric/adolescent practices in the area to offer services to young adults who are often in the “in between,” stage of life and not ready to settle with an adult provider. Patients can continue receiving care through age 22 years.


2. We can help with your pre-college exam and paperwork including sports physical exams.


3. We provide vaccinations for Meningitis B (Bexsero) a serotype more likely seen on college campuses and often required in the Pacific Northwest.


4. Our portal can give a college student access by email to their primary care provider while away at school and utilizing on campus urgent cares. We suggest a wellness visit while on summer or winter break.


5. Our providers can help students with mental health issues to gather appropriate documentation to register with the Office of Disability at their college/university, and make the needed accommodations.


6. If you’re worried about the “freshman 15,” your provider will discuss ways to navigate the school cafeteria and maintain a healthy lifestyle away from school.


7. For young adults not going away for college, continuing with their familiar provider as they navigate the adult world of jobs, independence, and relationships can be reassuring.


8. We offer Skype visits for college students who need a visit for medication maintenance such as the case of ADHD, or stable anxiety/depression.


9. We can provide gynecologic care including birth control, STI testing, and pap smears.


10. Once through college, we help our patients transition to adult providers when they know where they will settle.