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8 Reasons to visit Pediatric Associates of the Northwest vs. Urgent Care

Scott Spencer, MD, MPH
June 29, 2017 11:55PM

At Pediatric Associates of the Northwest (PANW), we strive to provide your child with the best care. We know that when your child gets sick, you may feel an urgent need for answers. Visiting an urgent care clinic with your child is an attractive and convenient option. However, there are other things to consider when getting care outside of your medical home at PANW. In collaboration with the Children’s Health Alliance, we have put together, “Top Reasons to use Pediatric Associates of the Northwest (PANW) instead of an ‘urgent care clinic’.”

We find that services at urgent cares often do not meet the highest quality of pediatric care. When you simply need answers after hours, you can always call PANW’s main number and you will be connected to a doctor or nurse who will provide you with answers and advice. In addition to our providers, we also provide high quality pediatric nurses at Randall Children’s Hospital. They are available to provide advice, help you know when your child should be seen, as well as communicate your concerns back to your provider at PANW.


Urgent Care versus Pediatric Associates of the Northwest:
Why We're the Best Choice

Pediatric Associates has the highest quality standard of pediatric care! We offer your children the best care available. All of our providers are pediatric-trained and only care for children. We are available everyday of the year! We provide extended office hours on weekends and holidays. Outside of office hours, you can always call our main number for any urgent issues and speak with the “on call” doctor or nurse. If needed, we can direct you to trusted emergency providers.
We are your medical home! Your provider and team at Pediatric Associates help guide you through your child’s care from birth to age 21! Your provider knows you and your family. You can email your providers! At Pediatric Associates, we love our patient portal. You can email your provider non-urgent care questions, get lab results, have sports forms completed, and connect with our dietician or psycholgists. You can even book an appointment or have a SKYPE visit! If you aren’t signed up, please ask us how!
Pediatric Associates is established in the community and connected to valuable pediatric resources. We coordinate and connect you with the best specialists and therapists we know- including our very own psychologists, neuropsychologist, dietician and lactation consultants. We are here to re-connect your care. If you do find the need to visit an “urgent care clinic” please let us know so we can update your child’s records. Your family is a member of our medical home, so please know that our doors are always open to you.
Our care is comprehensive! At each office visit, we address other issues of concern to the family. These may include special needs, chronic illnesses, nutrition, keeping immunizations up to date, behavioral health, and other concerns. This “whole-person” approach strengthens the relationship we have with you. You won’t find this in urgent care clinics or the ER. Our care isn’t limited to a single appointment. We are your child’s advocate and primary point of health care! We have cared for kids in our community since 1957.