Medical Home

What is a Medical Home?


A medical home creates a central place for all children's medical and non-medical care. It promotes a partnership between patients, families, and providers as well as specialists to facilitate continuous, comprehensive, and compassionate care.  At PANW, we believe that this team-based, patient centered approach to care improves patient outcomes with a focus on quality and collaboration.



Behavioral Health Clinicians
Medical Assistants
Medical Receptionists






What is a Care Manager?

Care managers work with and coordinate the care of patients who have complex needs.  They are your problem solvers, resource go-getters, your helping hands.  Care managers often:

  • Advocate for the needs of patients and families.
  • Support all aspects of care.
  • Coordinate services.
  • Assist in developing a care plan.
  • Collaborate with team members and outside resources.
  • Guide the patient and family to plan for now and the future.

Our care managers play a significant role in helping to meet the specific needs that arise for our patients.  Here are some examples of ways they have helped:  

  • Advocated for a family by attending a developmental disabilities evaluation with the county in a patient’s home.  
  • Assisted a family who had just moved to Oregon, urgently rent a needed piece of medical equipment, and then helped set up and collaborate care with multiple specialists.  
  • Supported a patient by attending a school 504 plan meeting to discuss medical needs and how the school can support and accommodate this student.
  • Coordinated obtaining durable medical equipment for a patient including items such as sensory equipment and a weighted vest.  
  • Helped a family understand the treatment plans recommended by specialists as well as assisted in getting a second opinion.  


What is Integrated Care?


At PANW, teams provide integrated care.  The team includes medical, behavioral, and nutritional treatment providers, working together with patients and families to promote overall health and wellbeing.  Integrated care focuses on prevention and treatment of both medical and behavioral health concerns, such as stress, sleep, diet, exercise, healthy relationships, mental health, developmental and academic concerns, and strategies for coping with medical problems.  Our psychologists and lactation consultants are available to see patients while they are at the clinic for medical appointments and also for pre-scheduled appointments.