Clinic Services

Quality of Care

At Pediatric Associates of the NW we do so much more than care for your child’s medical needs. We are a “Medical Home” practice, which means our duty is to care for your child’s complete health and wellness, and to work with the family as a whole to ensure your child has healthy and successful growth and development. Our pediatricians and providers are pioneers in this relatively new approach to bringing up a healthy and successful child. We are currently participating in quality improvement projects related to vaccination rates, asthma care, and developmental assessments to deliver the best pediatric care.

Practicing Green

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is committed to maintaining low environmental impact methods and keeping our practice as green as possible. We seek out the best possible ways to maximize our recycling efforts. We also have implemented a complete electronic medical record (EMR). Keeping all of our records in a secure electronic format reduces our paper consumption dramatically. Caring for our environment is another way Pediatric Associates of the NW cares for children.