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Meet Dr. Neal

November 15, 2017

A self-described planner, Dr. Richelle Neal could not be more thrilled to be in Portland, joining Pediatric Associates of the Northwest. “I’m just so happy; things are turning out as I had envisioned.”

Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Dr. Neal attended Santa Clara University, and then University of Washington Medical School, where she confirmed her passion for not only pediatric medicine, but also sports medicine.  This passion led Dr. Neal to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she completed her pediatric residency, allowing her to work closely with physicians specializing in pediatric sports-related injuries.   “I really enjoy working with this population – active children and teenagers – helping them heal and return to their sport, knowing that everyone in the young athlete’s life has the common goal of getting them back safely to their sport with the hope of creating long term success for the child, while preventing injuries.” 


Treating everything from shin splints to knee and ankle injuries to overuse injuries like Little League elbow, as well as concussions, Dr. Neal gained the exposure and experience to know that sports medicine is a subset of pediatrics in which she’d like to focus. “Growing athletes have different injuries and sport-related medical problems in comparison to adults. Treating their injuries and understanding them in the setting of an individual who is still growing can make the diagnosis and treatment quite different. I look forward to helping the young athletes at PANW.”

An active and athletic person herself, Dr. Neal has played soccer for many years, enjoys hiking and running, and is beginning to learn tennis. “It’s so much fun! I’m just learning, but I love it.”

Dr. Neal is excited about being close enough to home to visit her mom more often, and to attend Duck football and basketball games.  She is also counting the days until she gets her Cavapoo puppy.

Favorites of Dr. Neal:

Favorite activity/sport:  soccer

Favorite local restaurant: Lechon

Favorite hike in city limits:  Marquam Trail to Council Crest

What she loves about Portland:  there is so much to do here!  -- Music, shows, wineries, breweries, restaurants…I also love the Waterfront.


Join Pediatric Associates of the Northwest in welcoming Dr. Richelle Neal!