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Sunday Parkways

December 14, 2012

If you participated in the Sunday Parkways program this summer, you might have stopped for a drink or a misting at our Hydration Station.  Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is proud to partner with the Sunday Parkways program, offering drinking water, cool mist sprinklers, bubbles, and good energy for participants.

Dr. Bruce Birk, who’s been part of the Sunday Parkways event for six years,  says, “It’s a wonderful way to promote healthy lifestyles, neighborhoods, and bicycling.  I enjoy the families who bring their children to our practice coming by and chatting. I also enjoy seeing all the children out there on their bicycles, ruling the streets, without a car in sight. These events endorse the message of good health through regular fitness, but more importantly a healthy lifestyle.”

Bikers enjoying the hydration station

Most of us know that while automobiles are great, they are by no means the best way to get around.  Dr Birk adds, “We encourage walking, biking, and mass transit over automobiles whenever possible. “  Participating in Sunday Parkways is just one of the ways PANW hopes to reinforce the importance of an active  lifestyle – and one which gives back to the community as well.