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Pediatric Associates of the Northwest teams up with Bike Racing Team for Perthes Awareness

April 24, 2015

If you happen to see a bike race in progress, look for the leaf (logo) of Pediatric Associates of the Northwest. PANW is honored to sponsor the road bike race team called Perthes-Awareness, which races in the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association race circuit.

The Perthes-Awareness bike racing team rides to increase awareness of the childhood condition, Legg-Calve-Perthes, or Perthes Disease, a rare bone-hip disorder which affects children.  Legg-Calve-Perthes occurs when the blood supply to the ball part of the hip joint is temporarily interrupted. Without sufficient blood flow, the bone begins to die -- so it breaks down more easily and heals poorly.

Pediatric Associates has a special interest in the rare bone disorder.  Dr. Spencer cares for a 4-year-old patient with Perthes Disease.  The patient's father, Matt Braun, created the racing team to support the community affected by Perthes, and to raise awareness of the condition.  An avid racer for more than fifteen years, Matt is the team's captain, and races regularly for Perthes-Awareness.

The team races throughout the year, with the next race happening on Saturday, 5/2:  Montimore Road Race.   To follow the team's results, go to and look for the team name:  "Perthes Awareness p/b PANW."  You can also follow the team on Twitter at @PerthesCycling.  A sampling of other races taking place throughout the spring and summer include:

Sun 5/17   Kruger's Kermesse CX Farm Crit & Bike Relay
Sat 5/23   Bend Don't Brake Road Race
Wed 6/3-7/8 Mt Tabor Wednesday Night Series
Sun 6/21   Rainier Road Race
Sun 8/30   Kruger's Kermesse Farm Crit

With greater awareness come greater knowledge, and hopefully, more research, understanding, and hope for those children affected by Perthes Disease.