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PANW’s Hood To Coast Team – Fever Fighters

November 13, 2012

Did you know we could run, too?

This year, several providers and staff from Pediatric Associates of the Northwest laced up their running shoes and set out on the Mother of ALL Relays: Hood to Coast. The Hood to Coast Relay is the largest relay in the world, with 1050 teams, spanning more than 200 miles from Mt. Hood to Seaside.
One of those teams included: Meghan Alwin, Will Alwin, Michele Bryant , Dr. Buerk, Dr. Bush, Annie Cain, Chelsea Rolstad , Dr. Schunk, Glenn Weybright , Mark Whitaker, Lexi Whittingham and David Whittingham. We call ourselves the Fever Fighters.
While the race was grueling at times, and it could be difficult running when tired and hungry, the feeling of accomplishment at the end was well worth the effort expended. It was also a powerful team-building experience for the group, working together to get to the end of the race. The Fever Fighters enthusiastically agreed they’d do it again. Way to go, Pediatric Associates of the Northwest Fever Fighters!