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Ladybug Run

March 27, 2013

Annie Cain, Site Manager at Pediatric Associates at the Montgomery Park office, recently participated in the 2012 Ladybug Run which raises awareness for CDH.  Pediatric Associates of the Northwest contributed $2000 to sponsor Annie and support the cause of CDH Awareness and Research.

CDH is an acronym for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  CDH occurs when a fetus’s diaphragm does not form completely and a hole is left in the muscle between the chest and the abdomen. Since CDH is a rare birth defect and is not widely recognized like many other birth defects, it does not have the funding and research provided like other birth conditions attract.

All of the money raised by the Ladybug Run goes to the Ladybug CDH Foundation, which provides funds to assist families with a child with CDH, as well as supports on-going research about the defect.  In addition to raising funds for families affected by CDH, the Ladybug CDH Foundation hopes the Ladybug Run raises awareness about CDH.  Monetary support plus awareness will hopefully translate to better understanding of the defect, and improve treatment and/or prevention of  CDH.

Why Ladybug?  The inspiration for the Ladybug CDH Foundation is Baby Finley, who was born with CDH, and who spent the first19 days of her life in a section of the NICU called Ladybug.  The care given during her time in the isolette in Ladybug helped her to be among the fortunate 50% who survive CDH.

The next Ladybug Run will be August 10th, 2013 at Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon.  To learn more about CDH or the Ladybug CDH Foundation, visit