Pediatric Associates News

Haiti Medical Team

June 03, 2014



This year was an exciting year for Pediatric Associates of the Northwest and the Haiti Medical Team.  It really was a PANW Family Affair! 

Dr. Mari Kay Evans-Smith was joined by Dr. Jay Rosenbloom and his daughter, Rachel, as well as dietitian Connie Evers, and Paul Bluhm, who is studying to be a pediatrician like his dad, Dr. Jim Bluhm.  The 22-member team provided medical care for 773 Haitian patients during the week of April 7th.  The lab checked 243 blood tests for anemia or electrolytes, 200 blood sugar levels, and more than 200 urinalyses. 


The Haiti Medial Team collected and brought with them 45 suitcases filled with medical supplies, 

clothing, and formula for the orphanage.  Pediatric Associates of the Northwest donated hearing and vision-testing equipment to the Haitian clinic, which the team used to perform multiple exams including 314 eye exams, 

providing many of those patients with eyeglasses. 

Connie Evers, PANW dietitian, taught more than 600 students at the school about nutrition, and then worked with more than 

40 patients in the clinic. 

In addition to providing medical and health care, the Haiti Team included members who spent their time helping build a new trade school.  They brought with them more than $1000 in tools and supplies.  

In short, a LOT of work was accomplished in just one week, and many sick people were treated.  When asked what was unique or memorable about this particular Medical Team trip, Dr. Evans-Smith said, “It was incredibly gratifying and a little awe-inspiring to see Dr. Jay, who would treat many, many patients all day, get out there after the clinic was closed and haul concrete!  Concrete!  He was out there on the work site, in the thick of it, just digging in and getting things done.  It’s nice to see that side of your colleagues, who you think you know after years of working together, but who never cease to amaze.  I was really proud of the entire team, but especially my colleagues.”