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Girl Scouts

May 09, 2014

Kelly Jacobson works in our Medical Records department, and has volunteered with Girl Scouts for the past two years.  Kelly was a Girl Scout herself for several years. “I had such fond memories of the experience; it was just something we had to do for my daughter. I remember every camp I went to, and I still have the books and recall all of the songs we sang” says Kelly.




Now, as an adult, Kelly wants to give back to Girl Scouts, a 100-year-old organization with more than 3.2 million members world-wide. Her role as a Girl Scout troop leader requires making decisions about troop activities, determining which badges the girls will earn and experiences they will have. She also handles all the troop’s cookies sales – Girl Scouts’ largest fundraiser.  “It’s a big job!  But I love it.” 


Kelly’s Girl Scout troop also participates in several service projects. They’ve donated a portion of their cookie sales to Sleep Country’s Foster Child Program and also made a trip to a Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, where they took a tour and made a donation.


Kelly says, “Girl Scouts provides opportunities for girls of all backgrounds, fairly inexpensively. And I like the community emphasis – the focus on service and giving back to the world around you. The emphasis on self-reliance, problem solving, and leadership development is also very worthwhile, I think.”


In addition, because Girl Scouts encourages the older girls to teach the younger girls, and because there are some things known only to Scouts (handshake, etc), Kelly says there’s a camaraderie and a sisterhood that isn’t always found in all organizations.  “Whether you’re at the same school or across the country, there is a connection and a sisterhood between Scouts – in an instant. I love that.”


To learn more about Girl Scouts, or to become involved yourself, visit: