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Dr. Carr Donates Time and Expertise to Tomorrow's Physicians

March 03, 2017

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest’s Dr. Elizabeth Carr graduated from medical school nearly thirty years ago, but that doesn’t mean her college days are a distant memory. On the contrary, even though she lives on the other side of the country now, Dr. Carr has been actively involved with her Alma Mater since she left the University of Virginia.  Dr. Carr serves on the University of Virginia Medical Alumni Association, has planned many reunions, acted as President of the local UVA Alumni Club, and has hosted medical students from the University of Virginia while they interviewed for residency programs at Providence Hospital or OHSU. 

Dr. Carr has also chaired the Alumni Relations Committee and served as University of Virginia Medical Alumni Association President in 2016.  As chairperson of her university’s Regional Selection Committee for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Scholarship, she’s particularly proud of the four successful candidates from Oregon who’ve earned the high honor of the Jefferson Scholars Award. Dr. Carr says she can’t imagine not being part of the University of Virginia.

“It’s important to me to stay connected to the institution,” says Dr. Carr, a native Virginian.  “It’s very gratifying.  I had a terrific experience in college and medical school at the University of Virginia. I feel like I got a great education. And living far away, being involved with the medical school and alumni associations is a way of staying connected to my roots.”  Connected indeed.  She’s missed just one meeting in eleven years.  Dr. Carr travels to board meetings for the UVA Medical Alumni Association three times per year.  She says the Medical Alumni Association is her “extended family.” So traveling 2500 miles multiple times per year doesn’t feel like a chore.  

“It’s really affirmation of the importance of giving back,” Dr. Carr reflects.  “There’s an evolution right now in medical school curriculum. It’s a powerful experience – meeting students today, and being part of what they are learning and what future generations will learn.”

In addition to her active involvement spanning decades with the University of Virginia, Dr. Carr has given her time and medical expertise locally as well.  She served for fourteen years as a team member of CARES Northwest, a multi-disciplinary team of social workers and physicians who work with victims of abuse and neglect. CARES Northwest provides an innovative national model for addressing medical needs of victims of child abuse.  Dr. Carr worked with CARES Northwest from 1993 through 2007, providing exams and medical care for some of the region's most vulnerable children.

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is proud of Dr. Carr’s strong, on-going commitment to giving back to her community, both locally, and to the place that cultivated the passion and knowledge that has served her throughout her medical career.  Thank you, Dr. Carr, for all you do!